The coolest watercolorist you’ll ever meet

Photos by Franny (and Polaroid of Fran and Dots taken by Stephanie Geddes)

Mother to the wonderfully nutty (her words) two and a half year old Dotti, Franny is a juggler juggling photography, painting, writing, wife-ing, homemaking, cooking and parenting. Alas one day the balls might all drop and she’ll be that woman on the side of the road twitching and muttering to her imaginary friends (her words).


We have a different take; we don’t believe she’ll be found on the side of the road twitching, unless it’s from sheer exhaustion, given how many projects she has on the go. Founder of blog, ‘Five Minutes With Franny’, a funny, informative romp through the lives of interesting people, she’s also photographed a Marc Jacobs’ kids campaign.

Who is Franny? Natalie Wansbrough-Jones, Franny’s life long school friend, describes her below…

“So, Franny is a little unicorn, not entirely on planet earth, but despite her etherealness is ambitious and bloody brilliant at a ton of stuff. She’s been a model, a stylist, a fashion photographer, a documentary maker. She draws amazing art even though she only studied that subject at school because she failed Law.  Franny plans to write a novel, which she’ll do, as she has the midas touch and it will probably be made into a film starring Jennifer Lawrence.  She once accidentally wrote an essay on Germany for history GCSE, not weird if it had actually been part of our syllabus, but none of us had ever studied it and she got and A!? Hmmm. Franny is one of the quirkiest and beautiful people I know. She’s an aquarian and therefore totally nuts”.


When I was younger I wanted to be everything from a lawyer to a stripper to an actress to a vet...

Then around seventeen I finally realised I loved art and wanted to make that my life. I didn't jump straight into it - that would have been too simple! I tried my hand at fashion design which didn't stick then became a stylist for 10 years before finally picking up my camera to start shooting.  Recently I picked up my paintbrushes too and rather love the balance of both photography and my watercolors.

Looking back, my advice to myself as a first time mum would be to plan, save up a lot of cash so it doesn't matter if you don't work for months.

(And then rent a house in the country that has lots of gardens and meadows and a pool for as long as possible – if only!) It's essential to surround yourself with lots of support with family and friends, especially those that have been through this before; they know a whole lot more than you do about babies.

If there were a magic door at the back of my wardrobe, my Narnia is a beach with a warm breeze, there is the sound of the birds and the waves, I am cosy in the knowledge that my house is full of family and friends. I am also alone in my studio and the doors are open to the outside and I plan to write or paint for the next few hours before I go and join everybody.  My shoulders are free of the weight of the burdens of the hustle. (Yep, we hear you, if only….)

I'm a fun mum…

I may technically be knocking on the door of 40 but as my family attests to, on a regular basis, I act like I'm twelve. That said, I'm a stickler for manners, they are very important to me and my husband, so while I might jump around in muddy puddles with Dotti I also make sure she says thank you when I give her a cup of hot coco to drink with afterwards.

When Dotti needs calming down (when rage kicks in) I sing "you are my sunshine"…

The other day I was giving her lunch, groaning under the monotony of it all and P.Diddy n Faith Evans "I'll be missing you" came on. With a Wild West scream of excitement I started leaping around the kitchen singing the song at top volume into my wooden spoon! I grabbed a smiling Dots out of her chair and we danced around the room laughing. It was perfect, exactly what the doctor ordered.

I dress my daughter in this amazing line called "hand me downs and gifts!!!"…

I love Makie and Babaa knitwear so much I collaborated with them. Stella McCartney has some nice stuff too.

My fave kids recipe is anything she will eat...

She has a weird pallet this one. She'll eat smoked mackerel, falafel and devours olives but literally screams if I put the classic toddler go-tos like spaghetti or rice in front of her! Like I said, weird.

My advice to any mum, parent or human is simple…

Walk to the beat of your own drum.

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