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The Comfy Boot Edit

These boots were made for walking…..no, no, no, no they really really were (are). How do we know? We live in our FitFlop Mukluk ankle boots, much to our surprise! There’s nothing wrong with living in comfy boots, mind, it’s just our usual shoe of choice couldn’t be further than a sheepy, sleepy, cosy ankle boot.

Natalie’s are chestnut, mine are black and frankly, we curse the day we ever tried the bloody things on – we can’t stop wearing them!! They are the comfiest cosiest boots either of us has ever owned. (A non-sponsored fact). I’ve since bought several further pairs of FitFlop footwear, you know, for when the Jimmy Choos give me hell and the Alaia’s are at the cobblers. Crikey, WHO am I?

Truth is, I am a woman running her own business and frankly, there is already enough to think about. Life is too short not to be comfy whilst on the school run, commute to work, giving it licks on the dancefloor, etc etc. Oh how foolish I used to be, all those wasted years pretending I had something in my eye, when in actual fact I was weeping tears of blood thanks to a Prada 10 inch heel. Agony. Pass the FitFlops. I got shit to do.


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