Stacey Duguid is a freelance fashion writer and columnist, who lives in London with her boyfriend (yup, still not married) and their two kids, Nathaniel five and Martha, three. Natalie Wansbrough Jones is a freelance fashion editor, stylist and creative director, who also lives in London (handily just up the road from Stacey), with her husband and two sons, Nico six and Lucas, two.

Having worked together at British ELLE for over five years, Stacey and Natalie spent two maternity leaves in coffee shops and walking round parks muttering ‘shall we start a blog?’ ‘YES!’ ‘Err, ok, but nothing too saccharine or ‘breast milk in mushed up carrot”….. Not lazy, just a bit busy, here we are two (three) years later with a blog for women (and men) who, despite having gone through the life changing event of new parenthood, enjoy nothing more than a fuck-off pair of shoes and an “investment” pram bag worth more than their car.

A no bullshit blog celebrating a love of fashion and parenting (because why should the two be mutually exclusive?) Nico and Nate is basically a good old rummage through the lives of some of the most interesting people we know, minus the “perfect life” nonsense. Oh, and you can shop our stuff. Handy.

That’s us at the top with Nico and Nate. (Although Nathaniel refuses to be called Nate, which is weird; it would be so much quicker to write). The battle we had before that picture was taken was epic. I’m actually sweating and Natalie’s grin is one of pure mania, not joy.

Stacey (in charge of words) and Natalie (head of pictures)